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Tips for completing your application:

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* The cost of tuition for McGill University is based on the student's residency. Out of Province Residents tuition = $8, ** The law school application fee for this school is $90 plus the OLSAS Application service fee of $ *** Average is the Median CGPA (E) refers to the English LL.B program offered at the University of Ottawa.

Academic Policies & Regulations. University policies and regulations generally apply to all undergraduate students and provide a framework within which schools and colleges may specify further conditions or variations appropriate to students in their courses or programs.

Academic Residency Requirements. Upon transferring into the College of Liberal Arts, all students must complete at least. Admission standards (US) | Applying to Undergraduate Studies - McGill University For arts and science, no essay, letters, ECs or anything.

McGill just looks at your grades and test scores for determining admission.

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If you do not have a Login ID or PIN, you can create one below. Your Login ID must be at least five characters long and include at least one alphabetic character. Having trouble with this section of your application? Please consult the HELP file at the top right-hand corner for assistance.

For additional information, please consult: http. Essays are only required for the scholarship application. I'm not sure about SAT scores for McGill as I'm a Canadian (no SAT required!), but I .

Mcgill undergraduate application essay
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